Personally, what I would love is more control over my social media feeds (more customization). Imagine that you could choose from the following feeds as mood fits:

- Reverse chronological feed.

- Usual engagement focused feed.

- Usual feed without suggested content.

- An aggregated feed from my geographical area.

- Etc.

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What I really like is to be in charge of what's going on. Not some algorithm determined by others but one determined by me.

Ideally a way to do that where I don't tell those who run the site very much. (People who run social media have proven to me, time and again, by their actions that they are the enemy. Sad, but I can't think of anybody I've discussed this with who feels differently.)

A move in a better direction is illustrated by the Goggles feature on Brave Search. I envisage something in a similar spirit.

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It’s so true that reading 1 tweet or 1 post is not necessarily regrettable. It is only when too much time elapses that it feels wasteful. Is it possible to have extended and repeated social media experiences that consistently add value to our lives (as they do take time away from real life experiences)?

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