Very excited to be working on this with you!

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Jun 28, 2023Liked by Ravi Iyer, Nathanael Fast

This is awesome. Brilliant idea and seems really well executed. I'm sure you have no shortage of ideas but one I'd love to see at some point is a website exclusively dedicated to seeing the latest version of the indices and formatted to be super sharable & also understandable by lay people...and potential versions of the indices during important external events. But regardless, this is awesome!

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Congratulations - what an incredible resource and insight into online behaviour. I will be sharing this with my clients.

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Thanks for sharing this. I would love to see these charts for teenagers, too. Having seen one teenager spend 30hrs last week on Snapchat alone...

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Jun 23, 2023Liked by Ravi Iyer

Thanks! This is a promising project.

I would add two things.

1. Comparing social platforms to messaging apps doesn't contextualize how the former has more of a negative dose. The two are different in design, function, and scale of engagement to the extent that they are incomparable in that matter.

2. The connection people have in mind is an intimate one of shared experiences, which is why platforms more apt for close networks like family and friends get a high score of it. I think the responses would be different if the question had been on whether these platforms help them get connected to people they share a common cause with. Moreover, it becomes kinda leading when it uses 'meaningful.' Many people may see what they do on these platforms as meaningless, though it is a connection and a significant one on the public scale. Are many people connecting on Twitter? Yes. Is it affecting us all? Yes. Is it meaningful? Depends on what you mean by that.

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