Aug 31, 2023Liked by Matt Motyl

Fascinating data! Thanks for this work.

One important question. Back in June, your original post about the index charted the percentage of survey respondents using each platform (e.g. LinkedIn 17%, Reddit 11.2%, etc.).

So when you report in this post that 17.3% of users report developing a meaningful connection on LinkedIn and 10.1% on Reddit, I assume those percentages are based on the people reporting that they used those platforms versus folks overall.

In other words, ~3% of survey respondents overall reported developing a meaningful connection on LinkedIn (17.3% of 17%) and a little more than 1% on Reddit (10.1% of 11.2%). Do I have that right?

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Aug 26, 2023Liked by Matt Motyl

Interesting reading. Could you share with us how many subjects answered the questions to get a sense of how representative this population sample was, please? Thanks

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